3 bedroom Apartments Removals from Bondi to Bondi

February 23, 2017

The Clark Removals  team performed a three-man apartment move from Bondi Beach to Bondi beach and Vaucluse today. The boys arrived on time and were completed the job in four hours in our 3.5 tonne truck.

Clark Removal’s purchased this truck in November 2016 and it’s been useful to carry out small and large apartment moves in Sydney.  The truck  has a strong lifter at the back of the truck which makes transporting heavier items much easier. The lifter can hold up to thousand kilograms so it has the capacity to load and unload large building crates as well.

Bondi can be a tricky place for removals due to minimal parking and a large number of pedestrians. It’s always important to consider where your removal  company might park their vehicle on the day of your move. The closer the truck is to your moving destinations the faster the move will be!

Clark Removals will always look up clients addresses on Google Maps and determine the most convenient place to park to improve the access for your move.

We also went to Vaucluse today as part of this job, often when people are moving they might have multiple locations where they need to collect and drop-off belongings

Clark Removals  offer many different services: small and large apartments, house moves, office and logistics moves.

Clark truely care about your precious items and this is why we have grown a reputation over the last 18 years as being a  company you can rely on