Corporate Removals for Oroton at Bondi Junction DJ’s store

March 15, 2017

Clark Removal’s  arrived at Bondi Junction Westfield store at 6:45 am this morning. Often its required to perform these jobs before or after hours due to WHS issues and to ensure minimal disruption to shopping trade. Clark collected two hand bag fixtures from the DJ’s Oroton  Bondi Junction store,  and delivered these items to Oroton  Head office in Waterloo.

Clark Removals have a  well-known working relationship with Oroton, Gap and Brooks Brothers that was established  five years ago in 2012.

Clark assist these companies in many various ways such as:

  • storage solutions Storage Solutions
  • pop-up stores
  • moving shop fittings and contents
  • window changeovers
  • head office relocations  Office Removals
  • rubbish removals

Clark Removals have flexible  capabilities and understand the unique needs of these retail companies.  Clark have the ability to help companies with out of hours corporate events and moving needs, and our team have the expertise to help visual marketing teams to help solve their logistic  issues so that they can get their jobs done. Retail & Commercial Removals