Corporate Removals from DJ’s Chatswood and Oroton Head Office

March 21, 2017

Oroton only use Clark Removals for their specific moving and logistic needs. Oroton, Gap and Brooks Brothers  established a working relationship with Clark Removals approximately five years ago. Oroton choose Clark Removal’s because they know Clark have the experience to care for their delicate belongings. Also they are confident in Clark ability to provide excellent service,  dedicated and flexible working capacity.

Clark provide the following services:

  •  internal moving of shop fittings and furniture  Retail & Commercial Removals
  •  office relocations Office Removals
  •  rubbish  removals
  •  pop-up stores
  •  corporate events
  •  transportation of shop fittings between head office and shops

Today Clark Removals collected  accessory fixtures from Oroton Head office at Waterloo and also shop fixtures from Oroton DJ’s at Chatswood.

We don’t just do Removals,  and majority of our business now is helping International and Australian retail and project companies.  We have the skills and experience to know how to help these companies with their individualised moving needs.  These companies trust in Clark as they know we are a reputable Australian family run business that pride ourselves in contributing good service and a great attitude.