3 bedroom House Removals from Petersham to House in Leichhardt

March 17, 2017

Clark Removals performed a three-bedroom house move from Petersham to Leichhardt today. The Clark Removal’s team arrived at 8 am sharp and were finished the job in 7

hours.  Our team provided packing materials such as small and large boxes, tape, porter robes, and butchers paper to assist Anna and Dave to pack up their home.

Our clients are in the process of renovating their three-bedroom house in Petersham. They are moving out to a rented  3 bedroom house in Leichhardt for six months whilst their home is being renovated.

Clark Removals often assist businesses with office relocations (Office Removals), and home relocations whilst renovations are performed. We can also provide centralised storage in Rosebery to assist you during these times of relocations. Storage Solutions

The clients are extremely happy with the service provided by our team. Anna stated “the boys were super efficient,  they moved quickly but carefully and it

made the whole process so much less stressful.” I am going back to work on Monday and now I feel better knowing all our belongings are already in their designated rooms and beds and all electrical equipment already hooked up ready to go”