Removals of Office Desk with Scissor Lift up to Office building in Alexandria

April 4, 2017

Clark Removals performance and Office Removal job today at Tino Vella Design (TVD) in Alexandria.

Tino Vella Design is a Interior Design  Company that have  strong knowledge in interior design. TVD also offers a total comprehensive Project Management service with attention to detail and the ability to complete a project on time and on budget.

Clark Removals assisted to move a very large reception desk into their new office in Alexandria. Tino himself designed the gorgeous Reception desk. Unfortunately the desk was too big to fit up stairwells and lifts so it was moved up via a scissor lift.

A scissor lift is a lifting device used to move large objects into high locations. Clark Removals assisted to move this large piece onto their truck, then onto the lifting device. 4 men were present for this move. The lifting device was moved up to the 3rd floor of the office building.

The Clark  Removals team and carefully moved the reception desk into the office and used skates to Move the desk into the desired location.

Our team also carried in a large piece of glass for another office desk. Our team carefully carries this piece of glassware up the lift and into the office.

Please consider choosing Clark Removals for any office move that you might require. We can move any object, small, large or challenging Office Removals