Retail Removals from Mascot to Chatswood for Ralph Lauren

April 4, 2017

Clark Removals drove from Coogee to Chatswood yesterday afternoon. Our team collected a number of shop fittings from the Ralph Lauren store in Chatswood.  Ralph Lauren  are currently in the process of changing their interior windows. Clark have been helping Ralph Lauren to change over there shop windows for approximately 20 years.

Our team arrived to Toll Group  at 7 AM sharp this morning to drop off shop fittings from the Chatswood store. Clark collected a number of items from Toll  two deliver to the Ralph Lauren shop. Clark collected armchairs, tables, baskets and sculptures for window changeover for the Polo shop. Clark arrived to Chatswood by 9am, prior to the opening of the store. Out team assisted to change over the shop fittings for the windows

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