How to pack for a move

May 3, 2017

10 Moving Tips

Packing your home can seem overwhelming and stressful at times but it’s essential to pack properly and start early. We have prepared some tips below to try to make this process easier.

Tip #1 Start Early

Start organising and packing early. It can take much longer than you think. The last thing you want to do is be stressed as moving day approaches.

Tip #2 Make inventory lists and Label your boxes

In addition to labelling each box according to its destination e.g. bedroom, kitchen etc, also make up a list to help you record what is in each box. Devise your own system but keep it simple. For example, you could use numbered labels and cross refer these to a spreadsheet or notebook. i.e. box labelled 5 would show the contents of that box in your notebook or spreadsheet.

Tip #3 Sturdy heavy duty boxes are best

Use proper removal boxes where possible. Ensure boxes are heavy duty and not thin. During your move boxes will be stacked one on another and thin boxes my break or crush. You can hire or purchase boxes through Clark Removals who will then deliver the heavy duty boxes to your home free of charge prior to your move.

Tip #4 Don’t over or under fill

Please ensure you do not overfill your boxes They need to be lifted, and we don’t want them to break during this process. Also please make sure that when you fill boxes that the load in the box is evenly spread.

Tip #5 Use packing tape to secure boxes

Please ensure you use proper packing take to secure your boxes. Don’t leave boxes open, as this makes it difficult for the Removalist to lift them. Clark Removals can supply packing tape.

Tip #6 Box Everything

The general rule of thumb is, that if it can be boxed, then it probably should be. Bed side lamps should be dissembled and placed in a box. Ensure you fill any empty spaces inside your boxes with crushed paper so these items won’t break.

Tip #7 Use suitable packing material not newspaper

It is essential you have plenty of packing paper. We suggest butchers paper and bubble wrap. Newspaper might seem like a good idea however it leaves grubby marks on your items. Again Clark Removals can supply you with butcher’s paper.

 Tip #8 Packing fragile items

With regards to your fragile items such as glass wear, crockery, its best to wrap these pieces individually and pack them upright in the boxes. Line these boxes with extra butcher’s paper on the top, bottom and sides. Please ensure you label these boxes “fragile” so the Removalist knows to take extra care.

Tip # 9 Don’t pack important documents

Remember to keep important documents aside. I.e. passport, birth certificates, drivers licence. We recommend that you carry these over yourself for your own security.

Tip #10 Packing Larger items

Larger items such as tables, chairs and couches are too large to put in a box. They will be wrapped by the Removalists when they are loading your job.

Tip #11

Consider colour coding your boxes by room. This can make it easier for the Removalist and yourself.

General tips

Fridges, Freezers and other appliances.

Remember to defrost your fridge and freezer no later than the day before your move. Ideally you should run these contents down over the last couple of weeks before you move. Please ensure you drain any appliances that might have water i.e. washing machines, dishwashers.


If you have plants you may want to consider leaving these with a neighbour. Some plants are delicate and don’t travel well.

Beds and flat packed style furniture

Most beds need to be dismantled prior to moving. When you dismantle them, seal all screws, nuts and bolts in plastic bag. Label them clearly so you know which parts they belong to. Clark Removal’s are more than happy to assist with this process buts its best to let us know prior.

Electrical appliances

We recommend that you take photos of their wiring configurations to help you identify how your electronic devices were connected previously.

Draws, and wardrobes

Please ensure you empty all drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, chests. They will be heavy for the removalist to move with the belongs still in these. There are specific wardrobe boxes to make moving clothes easier. Please let us know if you wish to purchase Porta Robes.