Small Pack and move from Hunter’s Hill to Auburn

May 23, 2017

Today our 2 man team arrived to a home in Hunters Hill to assist the family to pack some items and move to an house in Auburn. Our team have the knowledge and skills to  know how to pack any home goods safely and efficiently.

Our team packed 10 pieces of valuable artwork with bubble wrap. Also a number of ceramic fragile pieces in bubblewrap and butchers paper. Professional Packing Service and Removals from Modern Apartment building

Our team provided all of the packaging materials such as:

  • Small  crystal boxes
  • Large Tea-chest boxes
  • Porta Robes
  • Tape
  • Packing/butchers paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Picture cartons

Clark Removal’s can deliver packing  materials free of charge as long as you order  over $50 worth of goods. We also collect any hired packing materials free of charge. We usually bring Porta Robes on the day, help you put your clothes in them, and then take them on the day of your move.

We hire boxes, and we will collect boxes a few days after your move once you have completed your unpacking. Packing Materials Price List

Our team are experts and have the ability to pack a small or large number of items. We are flexible to your needs and cater for all different types of moves

These clients called yesterday, and we were able to help them out with their last minute moving needs.

Our team take the stress out of moving.