Spa removals from Coogee to Matraville

May 22, 2017

Clark Removals moved a large spa from a backyard in Coogee to a backyard in Matraville. Our team arrived at 8 am to South Coogee to move the 200 kg spa, and were completed the move in 2 hours. The access at Coogee was tricky, as the spa was below ground level, and needed to be moved down a very narrow sideway.

Wooden planks were set up in the backyard at Coogee to help move the spa out. It was a pretty tight fit through the laneway, and the move required a lot of  manoeuvring  to get the spa out safely.

Spa’s are quite tall, but we measured the inside of our small truck prior to the move so we were confident it would fit. We have a large lifting device on the back of our truck, which made it easier to move it safely.

Mark the client was very pleased with the service provided by our team, he was impressed with the problem solving ability of our team.

Please call on Clark Removals if you have to move a spa, or any large object. Our team are experienced in knowing the best and safest way to move most things !