Removalist Sydney – Bondi Beach to Bondi

September 20, 2017

If you are looking for the best Removalists Sydney,  then look no further than Clark Removals. Today Clark performed a 4-man team move from a 4 bedroom house in Bondi Beach to a three bedroom apartments in Bondi Beach. We had 2 trucks present for the move and 4 experienced removalists.  John was a repeat clients of Clark Removals from three years ago.Home Removals

Professional packers were organised yesterday for 4 hours to assist John and his partner to pack up the kitchen, pantry, linen cupboard and study. Two experienced lady Packers came in at 9 am and assisted clients for 4 hours to pack up fragile and kitchen items. Organising professional packers is a great way to save time, and also the hassle of packing yourself. Especially if you have a busy schedule, organising professional packers can be lifesaving. These packers have the knowledge to safely pack your goods in the correct way to minimise any risk of damage. It also makes it easier for the removal’s to move your goods as all items are packed into sturdy removal boxes.

Clark Removals also provided packing materials prior to the move on a couple of different occasions

We provided  the following packing materials: Packing Materials Price List

  •  Small crystal boxes
  •  Large T chest  boxes
  •  Packing tape
  •  Porter robes
  •  Butchers paper

Clark delivered these materials free of charge and will collect once the client has finished with them after the move.  It’s essential when moving to use sturdy removal boxes. If you choose to use thin boxes this can result in items being squished during the move. By choosing sturdy removal boxes, you will have the peace of mind that your items will remain safe during your move Packing Materials Price List

Our team are experts in moving  large and challenging items, our team moved a very large glass table and a number of extremely large couches. Clark take the hassle out of moving, we have experienced staff and take care with your precious items.