Removalists Eastern Suburbs

December 14, 2017

Removalist Eastern Suburbs

Clark Removals is based in Coogee in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and covers most of the metropolitan area and beyond. Most moving companies charge travel time back to base. Often their bases can be some distance from your current home and your new home. Clark charges a total of 30 minutes travel time, 15 minutes either side of your move. Many companies charge 30 minutes either side of your move.

Our team provide professional, cost effective service. We also provide packing materials free of charge. Sourcing packing boxes can also be a difficult experience, but you can lessen your load by having boxes and packing material delivered to you. Our team are experienced at navigating the roads and parking restrictions of many inner suburbs and  terrace houses with their narrow stairwells. Our removalist services are tailored to meet your every need.