Do you need central and safe storage at an affordable price? Call Clark Removals

April 23, 2019

Clark Removals has a number of storage solutions to cater for your moving needs. Our storage facilities are based in Supercheap Storage in Rosebery. Different storage options are available depending upon your specific storage requirements. Your items can be moved into wooden pods which are 10 cubics meters in size. The advantage to this storage option is that it’s affordable and easy. Your items are safe and secure, the pod is secured with a pad lock and only contains your items. The removalist will pack as much as possible into the container aiming to keep it cost effective. 10 cubics meters is approximately 1 bedroom worth of items.

See below a guide to assist you to know roughly how much a pod can hold. Generally speaking:

1 bedroom apartment would need 1-2 pods

2 bedroom apartment might need 2 to 3 pods.

3 bedroom apartment might need 3 to 4 pods.

3 bedroom house might need 4-5 pods

The above will depend upon: how many items you have, how well you pack, the shape and size of your items. Occasionally for really large items they might not fit inside the pod and we can provide other storage solutions. Clark Removals needs 48 hours notice to be able to move your items out of these pods. Also we need some warning so that we can ensure we are available to move the items at the time you need. Your items are carefully packed into the pods, and blankets are used to wrap items as required.

Clark Removals also has large storage warehouses inside Supercheap storage in Rosebery. We can also offer storage solutions inside these larger storage spaces. We can house individual items, up to apartments and houses.

Independent Storage Solutions that you can access

You might wish to store your items in a storage space where you can readily access your items at anytime. Clark Removals can investigate these options for you and provide details on price and size of individual units. The benefit of this option is that you can access the unit at anytime, sort your goods and pull out what you need. This option is generally a little more expensive and also would depend upon the availability at the storage unit.

There is also storage options that are cheaper but on a higher level, where you need to use stairs to access these units. The storage unit is open Monday to Sunday 7am till 6pm, and closed only on public holidays. These extensive hours means you can come and go as you please.

Storage Insurance

Clark Removals strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance when storing items in storage. Clark Removals insurance cannot cover your goods. We can assist to give you information and recommend that you contact Supercheap storage who can talk you through how storage insurance works. Also we recommend that you call your Home and Contents provider. Sometimes your policy covers items in storage.

Please call Clark Removals to discuss your storage options. We can organise storage solutions in short timeframes and take the stress out of situations that might arise.