Packing Materials recommended when moving house

May 6, 2019

Moving house is one of the most stressful times in our lives. On simple tip is to get organised by having good quality packing materials.

Packing materials required for most moves include

  • Small boxes – books, clothes, office, kitchen
  • Large boxes – great for donnas, blankets, lamp shades, clothes, big items
  • Butchers paper – your items need to be individually wrapped
  • Tape – heavy duty
  • Bubble wrap – great for fragile items and some art work
  • Mattress protectors – keeps your mattress and furniture clean
  • Tape gun – saves time and energy
  • Porta Robes – hanging clothes

Clark Removals strongly recommends the use of heavy duty boxes. Often clients use old removal boxes that are worn, damaged and this makes it harder for your removalist to carry, stack, and pack. Let alone the risk you take for your items to be more likely to get damaged during the move. At Clark Removals you can hire or purchase heavy duty boxes which we strongly recommend.

Our team makes estimates on how many boxes, paper, tape etc you might need for your move. Often people underestimate the number of boxes they will need, our team have the experience in making this suggestion for you.

Our team can deliver the packing materials prior to your move, anything you dont use, we take away on moving day

Please consider how heavy you make the boxes !! Please dont make them too heavy, as its too hard for your removalist to pick it up. Boxes can be placed onto trolley’s in some circumstances, but sometimes have to be carried separately on moving day. The move you can put into boxes the better. Its best not to use plastic containers as they often break and are harder to stack that boxes

Clark Removals recommends that you start packing early, as it takes time. Pack as much as possible into a box as this saves time and makes it easier for the lead removalist to pack your items safely in the truck. Label your moves so the removalist knows where you wish to to end up.

Call Clark Removals if you want to take the stress out of moving.