Planning Your Move

The following information and guidelines are provided to make it simpler to decide which pricing structure is best for your situation and to provide some additional moving information.

  1.  Hourly Rate:

We prefer to provide you an hourly rate for your move based on your specific needs.

Gaining accuracy when providing a fixed quote can sometimes be challenging. A fixed quote per job can result in being more expensive for our customers. Our experience has taught us that charging an hourly rate is more effective/accurate.

Using the agreed hourly rate, we charge in 15 minute blocks for your move.

Our team are more than happy to dissemble and reassemble beds, furniture, and electrical equipment. We will place and move your belongings into desired locations. Sometimes clients need to make changes to their move on the day and the hourly rate method provides this flexibility.

  1. Fixed Quote:

We will provide fixed quotes as part of our quoting service. However, our experience shows that with fixed quotes, customers are often surprised by the timeframes that our experts feel that the move will take and therefore total cost. During removals, unexpected situations can arise. The flexibility provided by an hourly rate will manage these situations in the best interests of the customer. Sometimes customers with very large houses and apartments will still prefer a fixed quote and are more comfortable with this method.

  1. General Information :

We charge 15 minutes’ travel time either side of your move. It is common for removalists to charge from their base and back again. However, we only charge a total of 30 minutes travel time which is based on the hourly rate.

Office staff closely monitor your move start and finish times liaising closely with the workers at the job. At all times we are well aware of how your move is tracking.

  1. Determining the number of men required for your move:

We recommend informing the office of a summary of the items you have to move as this will assist us in determining how many men are required. We will also provide estimates on how long we expect your move to take.

We usually recommend a two- man or three-man team for most moves. The number of men required for your move will depend upon a number of factors. For example

  • The overall size of your apartment/home
  • The number of items to be moved
  • The weight of some of your items and ;
  • Most importantly access for the removalists at your current and new apartment/home.

More on access:

Access to current and new addresses will affect the number of men required for your move and the estimated length of time your move will take. The distance from your access doors to the location where our truck can park on the day of your move is a key consideration.

It is important to inform your removalist of other access details such as:

  • The number of flights of stairs to your apartment/home
  • Whether or not your apartment/home has lift access
  • Information around where your removalist might be able to park their truck i.e. driveways or garage space
  • Any difficult access points such as steep driveway’s or narrow stairwells.

The more information the removalist has will ensure that you have the most accurate estimate on move timeframes and the required number of men for the move.

For large apartment or house moves with challenging access we may suggest a four-man team and two trucks.

Team size Example:

Usually for small apartment moves, a two- man team is sufficient and for large apartment and house moves a three-man team is strongly recommended.

Ultimately the number of men you have for your move is your decision, but it is important to take the advice/ recommendation of our office manager and our Head removalist.


Our team are all professionally trained and work efficiently. Please read  reviews of the service we provide on Google. These reviews are clear evidence of the quality service Clark Removals provides.

We look forward to working with you on your next move.