One-bedroom Apartment move from Edgecliff to two-bedroom Apartment in Paddington

March 30, 2017

The Clark Removed’s team arrived at 6:45 AM to Edgecliff from Coogee.  We performed a Removal move from a one-bedroom apartment in Edgecliff to a two-bedroom apartment in Paddington.

Mary the client had only a few items to move such as a double bed and base, bedside tables, a bookshelf, and a number of boxes. The job took us only 1.5 hours.

Clark Removals are able to help you with any move small large for affordable prices. You will also be guaranteed to have knowledgeable Removals moving your precious items.

We moved a large couch from Edgecliff into our centralised storage unit in Rosebery. Again we have the capacity to store one or two items up to a entire houseful. Storage Solutions