Professional Packing Service and Removals from Modern Apartment building

March 1, 2017

Clark Removals provided professional packing services to help our clients pack up their 3 bedroom apartment in Rushcutters Bay at the Advanx building.  Two very experienced packers managed to pack a large three-bedroom apartment in five hours.  They have the knowledge and experience to know the most effective way of wrapping and packing all items in your home. Seeking out experienced packers is a great way to save time and also decrease the likelihood of any damage to your personal items and valuables.

The clients informed the building manager of the move, so Clark Removals were booked in for the move today. The lift is always covered with protective drapes so that nothing inside the lift is scratched.

The Clark’s team wrapped all artwork seperately in blankets and all fragile pieces for the move. There was a number of large fragile antique pieces. Each were handles with the utter most care. Lifting straps were used to carry these down the narrow and step stairwell. The stairwell railing was covered so that nil damage was done to this throughout the move. All of these precautions are  part of Clark’s standard practice.

This move was a simultaneous settlement which meant that the clients had to be out by 11 AM and moving into their new home at approximately the same time.  This move was an internal move so no truck was used but lifts, skates, trolleys and manpower to get all items from A to B which was approximately 200 meters in distance.

The day ran smoothly and our clients are extremely happy. This is the third time these clients have chosen Clark as their choice of Removalists, we have also moved some of their family and friends.

Please consider us when your moving. Zak the owner was present throughout the whole move. He has 18 years of experience and he is  fastidious with attention to detail.  He teaches each of his employees  the art of removals and the importance of personalised care.