Home Removals from Bronte to Clovelly

April 6, 2017

Clark Removals performed a 3 bedroom house move today at Bronte. The 3 man team started nice and early at 7:30 am and were all finished in 6 hours.  Clients were moving from a three-bedroom apartment in Bronte to a four bedroom house in Clovelly.

We managed this move in our 5 tonne truck,  generally speaking most apartment and house moves will fit in one sometimes two loads in a large five tonne truck.

Mattresses are always placed in mattress protectors which come in single,  double, Queen and King size. Couches are always covered to ensure that no scuff marks occur during the move. Beds are always dissembled  and packed  individually,  Clark Removals  always keeps all the screws, nuts and pieces of your bed altogether, and label clearly so that they can put your bed back together at the other end. Glassware and anything fragile is always wrapped to decrease the risk of breakage. All items are secured with precision and thought inside the truck, to maximise the number of items that fit in, and also ensure that nothing gets broken during travel. All of these precautions are taken as part of Clark Removals  standard service. You will find with many removal companies that  don’t take these precautions, or will do so but an extra cost.

These clients decided to store a couch and table with Clark Removals for a short period of time. Clark has centralised storage for short and long-term use. Please consider Clark for storage solutions as we have flexible solutions, being able to store your items for a short  amount of time with minimal notice required.