Restricted Access Removals from Maroubra Junction to Little Bay

March 20, 2017

The boys arrived to Maroubra Junction today at 12:30pm for a 2 bedroom apartment move in.

This complex is particular tricky, the boys had to park in the loading dock and then head up two seperate lifts and walk 400 meters to get to the apartment.

Mostly large items to move, so most items were taken out on trolley’s. It took the boys 3.5 hours to load up, they definitely got their step count up !

Then they headed over to Little Bay for the unload into a 3 bedroom house. Simon the client has used Clark Removals before, for the last move into this apartment building. He choose to use Clark again, as he knew he could get experienced men helping him out

Zak and I met Simon and the boys at the job, we talked to the boys about the access points and got the job underway. The boys took 5.5 hours to complete this job, which is speedy considering the distance they had to walk each load.

Simon was really pleased with the dedicated work our boys put in.

There is nothing too hard for our team, they worked 10 hours straight today, but they really enjoy the challenge.