3 bedroom Terrace House move from Paddington to Clark Storage in Rosebery

March 20, 2017

The Clark’s team arrived to Paddington at 11 AM sharp today.  Clark collected a number of larger items from a client’s three-bedroom terrace house in Paddington. Lily the client is in the process of putting their home on the market and getting a property stylist into help sell their home. Hence why they are moving some of their own furniture out of their house and into Clark storage.

The Clark team headed over to Darling point and also collected a couple of items for the Paddington home. Then our team went off to our centralised storage unit in Rosebery where clients items will be stored for up to 6 months. Storage Solutions

Lily and her entire family only use Clark Removals as their Removalist. In the past that had a negative experience with another removal companies unfortunately damaging their antique furniture. The Pank family only use Clark Removals as they have formed a close relationship with us and are confident in our ability to care for their precious belongings.

Please give Clark ago, most of our clients are repeat customers who will only use us. We put our customers minds at ease so that there is one less thing to stress about during your move!