Retail Removals from Waterloo Head Office at Oroton

March 31, 2017

Clark Removals collected a accessory fixture from Oroton  head office in Waterloo this afternoon. Clark has been working closely with Oroton,  Gap and Brooks Bros for the last five years. Clark provide many different services to these three retail companies such as:

  •  storage solutions
  •  internal moves
  •  pop-up stores
  •  window changeovers
  •  store openings and closures
  •  moving its shop fittings and furniture between stores
  •  office relocations
  • rubbish removals.

Oroton trust in Clark to help with their logistics needs. Clark offer flexible moving capabilities that suit the unique needs of retail clients.  Our team has the ability to help retail companies with early morning and late bump ins and after hours  requirements.