3 bedroom Apartment move from Woollahra to 4 Apartment in Dulwich Hill

April 4, 2017

The Clark’s team performed a three-bedroom apartment move from Woollahra yesterday.  Our team provided  Neil the clients packing materials.  Clark provided the following packing materials on a rental basis: Small and large boxes, Porta robes, tape, butchers paper, bubble wrap and mattress protectors. Clark deliver packing materials free of charge those living in the Eastern Suburb

Clark also provided a professional packing service for the move. Two lady packers arrived at 7:30 AM  until 12:30 PM. Clark have  experienced packers who have the  knowledge to know how to safely and efficiently wrap and pack all your kitchenware, books, clothes,  and any other household items.

Clark Removals  had 2 man  team operating yesterday for this apartment to house move. The apartment was on the third story and it was approximately 80m from the front door to where the truck was able to park.  It took our team approximately five hours to load the truck  with Neil’s goods.

Clark removal is had organised the same packers to assist to  unpack Neil’s  goods in Dulwich Hill at his new  4 bedroom apartment in Dulwich Hill.  Having experienced packers involved in the moving process is a great idea. This service means that your items will be packed in the correct way, and there will be less risk of damage. Also packing up a large apartment house takes an incredibly long time and organising packers can make this process so much more convenient.

The boys were completed the unload into the four-bedroom apartment in Dulwich Hill by 7 PM. Neil the client was extremely happy with the service provided by Clark Removal’s.  He was impressed by the hard work from our team and dedication to providing excellent service.